You've already heard about how Olivia Palermo has been spotted hopping about NYC in our HONEYTRAP sunglasses. And in fact, she was wearing them just the other week as well!

See full outfit here and here.


But did you know that celebrities all over the world have been known to love For Art's Sake?


We pride ourselves on being an international brand. Though based in London, our team consists of people from multiple countries, and because we have such a globalised world view, we create products that will appeal to people from all over the world, too. We don't make sunglasses to fit one demographic or ethnicity--and it shows! Here are some celebrities from three different countries who have been sporting For Art's Sake in the past few weeks.





Korean actress Seo Ji Hye wore NUMBER ZERO in Gold spending a bright summer's day by the Han river in Seoul recently. And yes--our sunglasses play along nicely with Gucci and puppies. See the original photo here.




A continent over, Israeli actress and model Adi Himelbloy took a cheeky selfie whilst sunbathing in ANDROS purple. See the original picture on her account here.




This might surprise you, but all our sunglasses are unisex as well as universally flattering on people of all skin tones! Case in point: British model Harvey Newton-Haydon looking super suave in T-SHIRT Gold at Field Day Festival recently. Original photo here.


If you've been hesitant about whether or not For Art's Sake sunglasses would suit you (because of your face shape, features, skin colour, whatever!) we're confident that there is a model to complement you. You can always contact (our very friendly ☺︎) team for help choosing, and we have a 14-day returns policy if you're not absolutely head over heels with your purchase.


So what are you waiting for? Go on. Shop the collection here.

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