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The Imperfectionist

What do you think of when you hear the term ‘imperfection’?


A lot of people will think of things such as ‘faulty’, ‘flawed’, or ‘broken.’ An imperfection is something that makes you less whole, or sub-par. In fact, the dictionary describes it as ‘of, relating to, or characterized by defects or weaknesses’ or ‘lacking completeness’.


The team at For Art’s Sake has been thinking about the idea of imperfection recently, and the way society perceives it. We are all imperfect human beings, but why does that mean that by default we are faulty, flawed and broken? We believe that you can embrace your flaws and differences, yet still be happy and whole. You can live a full life, even with your imperfections. We want to take the term ‘imperfection’ and flip it on its head.



So, at For Art’s Sake, what does imperfection mean to us?


We celebrate imperfection. We believe that it’s underrated. After all, it’s our imperfections and differences that make us unique, interesting individuals with different potentials! Imperfection is just a state of progression. Embracing your imperfections means that you can be confident in who you are, no matter what phase of life you are in. It doesn’t mean that you can make excuses for not trying to become a better person, but rather, you understand that everyone is in a continuous state of progression and development. We believe that having this mentality keeps us open-minded to people from all walks of life, and also allows us to be more confident and comfortable in our own skin. 




We’ve all heard of the term ‘perfectionist’—someone who seeks to be perfect in everything they do. But what kind of person is an ‘im-perfectionist’? The word ‘imperfectionist’ doesn’t currently exist in the dictionary, but we want to claim it, coin it, and re-appropriate it. An ‘imperfectionist’ is not someone who is below-par, or settles for less. Instead, he or she is a creative, innovative, experimental individualist, who is unafraid of taking risks and appearing imperfect in order to achieve something new and original. The fact that imperfectionists embrace their differences means they are authentic, honest with themselves and others, and don’t feel the need to try too hard to be something or someone else. This frees up their minds to be creative and adventurous! And the best part is that everyone is an imperfectionist. None of us can ever be 100% perfect, but all of us can learn to love our differences and be accepting of others. We can always aim to progress ideas and do something new and interesting. That’s the kind of lifestyle we want to champion at For Art’s Sake.


We’d rather be an imperfectionist than a perfectionist. Wouldn’t you?



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