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You are not the cake of my eye, you are the apple of my eye

“分蛋糕” (slice the cake) is a very popular saying in the Chinese commercial environment when marketers want to describe an emerging market as well as their ambitions for this market. In this case, “the cake” refers to the market while the verb “slice” describes marketers’ desires for a share in the market.



Just ask anyone who works in business about which country is currently the biggest market, the answer will always be “China”. And here we go, you’ll see so many brands trying so hard to capture Chinese customers, especially young millennials. Even the most influential luxury houses, who basically undergo an “anti-marketing” strategy, where they do not necessarily respond to customer needs, but instead set the trends for new consumer needs, are appealing to China.


Fashion Summit, Runway relaunches, celebrity endorsements specifically for China, special products that feature traditional Chinese elements, an ultra delivery experience in major cities, brand platforms only on Chinese social media…you name it. Some market entry methods go well and have positive effects for brand awareness. However, there are numerous examples of brands who over-localise themselves (appealing to the culture too much, to the point where it is distasteful), or approach consumers inappropriately. Indeed, as a market that has so many differences with other regions of the world, China is so complicated for marketers to get the right strategies, yet so fascinating for them to pursue.


As a brand, For Art’s Sake started our adventure in the fashion industry in 2016, and we decided to enter the Chinese market that same year. From then on, China has been one of our most significant markets. I guess right now you may be picturing us just as a greedy furry monster who is holding a knife and waiting to slice into this big cake at any moment. The thing is, we definitely admit the importance of the Chinese market for FAS, but here, we prefer to see China and all of our dearest Chinese customers as the apple of our eyes instead of the cake of our eyes.


To some of you who may still not know: our Creative Director Xiwen is actually from China. Thus, she pays every attention on designing frames that are not only aspirational but also suit Asian face-shapes just right. If you’ve bought pairs from us or have browsed our website, you must have noticed that we would put our glasses on Asian models as well. And there’s no doubt that we’ll always keep this in mind when we do new campaigns in the future. Lately, we’ve registered our official Weibo account (@forartssake) and our official website in Chinese will soon be launched as well. We are really looking forward to showing you a complete and real For Art’s Sake, and most importantly, to interact with you and hopefully get to know you better.


There are so many things we want to do in China as a brand and we know the only meaningful way of doing it is to do it with you. In fact, not only for China. Here at For Art’s Sake, we value every customer and every audience who supports us. We see each one of you as a unique individual, as an imperfectionist, as a friend-to-be. We want to share the happiness when we know you guys are interested in our Instagram Stories and reply to them, when some of you send emails and tell us how you feel about FAS, and when you post photos of you wearing FAS during your travels and consider FAS a part of your life.


We’re glad you share your moments with us, so we collect them and keep them. We value all of your suggestions as well. FAS is new in China, but we don’t want to do things in a hurry and disappoint you in the end—same with other countries. So, what kind of FAS are you expectant for? Tell us! (Email:





For Art’s Sake



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