4 sunglasses myths… busted

4 sunglasses myths… busted

We take care of the little details so that you can focus on the bigger picture… this is our mission statement and something we try to bring into every part of our business, whether that’s through our responses on social media, are exquisite craftsmanship or our beautiful packaging. We often get asked questions about our sunglasses, and we love answering all of them for you.

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1) Designer sunglasses should be heavy



This is all dependant on the brand. We go out of our way to source the highest quality materials (in fact, lenses don’t come in a higher quality that ours) and we also try and keep the sunglasses as light as possible meaning they don’t constantly slip off your face. This is also thanks to our lightweight jade nose pads which conveniently don’t leave a mark in your make-up.


2) Tinted Lenses aren’t UV protected




Not true. All of our eyewear is UV protected. Even our lightest tinted sunglasses will still shield your eyes from the sun, they just have a slightly different colouring and are more transparent. So next time you go on a summer holiday, you can mix up your frames with confidence.



3) Incredible quality = ridiculous prices




Our Creative Director comes from a family with a background in fashion manufacturing, so she understands quality control like no other! This coupled with the fact that we don’t believe in cheating you out of your money means our sunglasses are reasonably priced yet super high in quality. This even extends to our packaging, which is a constant topic of conversation amongst our customers. The velvet feels super luxe, and not a single pair of sunglasses is sold without an oh-so-soft blue case!


4) You don't need sunglasses when it's cloudy


Not true. Harmful UV rays go hand in hand with daylight, whether in winter, summer, rain or shine, meaning your eyes are always at risk. Our sunglasses are so much more than a stylish accessory. They ensure 100% protection against harmful rays and help to maintain the health of your eyes. 

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