4 reasons to visit Covent Garden

4 reasons to visit Covent Garden

For Art’s Sake opened its brand new store in Covent Garden 4 months ago, and since then, it's become the most instagrammed space in The Piazza (if we do say so ourselves). Not only is it home to a wide range of bold, stylish and oh-so-pretty glasses, it's got some unique features and some seriously friendly FAS girls on hand to help you find the perfect pair. Here are 4 reasons to visit our new establishment.




Fit for a Wes Anderson movie, our store feels like you're walking into a powder blue daydream thanks to its dreamy blue velvet walls, art deco brass fixtures and sunglasses from floor to ceiling. Once you've found a few pairs to try on, head to our selfie station to take the ultimate pic. We won't judge you if you take your time here, sometimes we drop in to do just this. For work, of course. 


Coming up next: an installation for Covent Garden in Bloom




Did you know you can organise to get your prescription fitted to your new opticals in store? Simply come along with your Rx details + measurements and we'll sort you out. Our prescription lenses also come standard with blue light protection (you can even get lenses fitted without a prescription and solely with blue light protection). What's blue light, we hear you ask? 



We could go all technical about what blue light is… BUT we will keep this simple. Essentially, blue light is the visible light received from electronic devices – yes, that means the device you’re looking at right now too. However, eyes inadequately block this light out, resulting in a weakening of the retina, causing imbalances with melatonin secretion (ie: messing with your vision + sleep cycle!). Scary right? Now here’s what we can offer: blue light-protective opticals so you can keep your eyes looking pretty and protected. 





Whether it's the two blue velvet cases (one of them a collapsible box) that come standard with your purchase, complimentary glasses cleaning, our free magazine with purchase or the fact that we donate to TWO charities with every pair bought, we're always working hard to give you the best experience possible. 



Now this is last but definitely not least. Our staff are young, vibrant and love a good laugh as they help you choose your perfect pair. They're on hand for any kind of advice, whether glasses or relationship-related (at no extra cost) and will even personally fit your new glasses to your face once you've found a pair you love. 


Address: 17 The Market Building, London WC2E 8RB


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