Airport chic with Jolin Cai 蔡依林

For Art's Sake is mostly a brand about innovative design and flawless visuals. That's why we love it when we see people style our sunglasses in fashion-forward ways!

Jolin Cai (Tsai) wears For Art's Sake DARK EYES AMBER

We were over the moon when we found Taiwanese superstar, Jolin Cai (Jolin Tsai) 蔡依林 wearing our DARK EYES AMBER around Beijing airport. But not only that, she styled them beautifully. Who knew you could look so good at an airport?!

Jolin Cai (Tsai) wears For Art's Sake DARK EYES AMBER

The singer, actress, dancer and businesswoman wore Dark Eyes Amber with a Moschino swimsuit/body suit, distressed jeans, and black fluffy pom pom heels. Each element had its own distinct appeal, but combined into one outfit, Jolin Cai presented a tour-de-force of cool-girl fashion.


Now that's #styleinspo.


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For Art's Sake Dark Eyes Amber

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