Game Changer: Ewa Wilczynski

Game Changer: Ewa Wilczynski

For the Christmas season we've cooked up something extra special. We partnered with artist Ewa Wilczynski, the youngest graduate of Fine Art from Central St Martins to have her debut solo show at the Royal Academy, to create a bespoke, hand-painted FOR ART'S SAKE velvet box as a part of our Christmas giveaway! Read her artist's profile interview below and keep your eyes peeled on Instagram to win this magnificent work of art in time for Christmas!


Let's start with some context: what is your artistic background? How did you come to do what you are doing today?

My whole life I have approached everything as a composition, ever since I was a child to today. I have always communicated through images, it's how I connect with and understand the world and people around me -  so it made perfect sense for me to study art at university. I studied at Central St Martins in London and des Beaux Arts in Paris. I started with painting, creating static visuals, and naturally my art seeped out of the canvas and manifested itself in every aspect of my life, through the way I dress and live, through fashion and performance. Every moment of my life is curated as an artwork.



You have a strong sense of personal style and image. How does this relate to your practice?

Religion, ceremony, masks, purity - these are all themes which dictate my life on canvas, beyond canvas, and in between.

Is fashion art?

I think clothes are the highest form of art, but only when they are worn. They are sculptures of design placed in a living context with the power to communicate. They can communicate not just personal expression, or ideas, things you have chosen to either elevate, disguise or re-affirm your identity (speaking in a Western context)... but on a greater scale they are a mirror of society and world politics.


How would you describe your style?

Of no time, because I live in-between.


Finish this sentence: The best kind of image is _________.



At For Art's Sake, we have a set of core values that inform our day-to-day work. Summed up, we aim to bring happiness to those around us, we are honest with our work, and we always strive to be remarkable. What values are most important to you?

In terms of art making - to always honour the moment and create something true and pure.

Your practice is very interdisciplinary. You combine painting, fashion and performance, all in one piece. Do you think there's something significant about being a multi-disciplinary artist in today's age, where societal (as well as artistic) boundaries and borders seem to be being challenged? Or do you think perhaps dipping across media has always occurred?

I think this cross-media experimentation has always occurred. If you're a creative person, and you live for art, with art, in art, your core ideas can't help but be expressed in everything you do. Whether it's the clothes you wear, the art and objects of design you surround yourself with, the architecture you place yourself in... maybe taking things a step further and considering the sound and scent of the clothes you wear, the sensuality of the textures and surfaces of the art and objects of design you surround yourself with, the light and echoes of the architecture you place yourself in.... all these layers and elements combine as a whole... seamless, and without boundaries.

Lastly--a more of a light-hearted one--which pair of FAS sunglasses are your fave?!

Anything blood red.

If you would like to win this bespoke, hand-painted box by Ewa, follow our Instagram and keep your eyes peeled for our competition that will be released soon!



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