Back In Black: The Edit

Back In Black: The Edit

Not much remains constant in the fickle world of fashion. Forever a whirlwind of new collections, 'it' accessories, bigger, bolder statements and must-have colours, there are only a few staples that stand the test of time.


It feels oddly comforting, then, that the colour black continues to rise above this rhetoric. You only have to look at the number of designers who don it as a uniform instead of wearing their own collections to see that this is true. Black can nail edgy, sophisticated, understated and statement-making depending the wearer's mood. Equally representative of rebellion and elegance, there's perhaps no other colour that's captured the mood of so many subcultures during the last two centuries, presiding over the other colours with an air of nonchalance, much like a trendy older sister. 


We're big believers that a sunglasses collection should include a go-to black pair and so we've rounded up our three most popular pairs, and matched them to three iconic, empowering items of black clothing that have stood the test of time.


The Little Black Dress



First championed by Coco Chanel in 1926, the LBD reimagined black as smart, elegant and attractive. Chanel herself was a pioneer of woman's fashion, opting for simplicity in everything from silhouette to colour. Taking your LBD for a spin this weekend? Pair it with the sunglasses below!


The Black Biker Jacket



As one of the world's most enduring outerwear icons, the black biker jacket has always had an intrinsic air of cool about it – probably something to do with the long list of rebels who donned it in decades past, from James Dean to Cher. 


Le Smoking



It's no secret that we love a powersuit at FAS, and when it comes to designers, we've got Yves Saint Laurent to thank for introducing Le Smoking in 1966. Conceptualised during a time when women wearing trousers was considered inappropriate, this tuxedo-style suit became the epitome of sex appeal. Select a pair of the sunglasses below and you can't go wrong!


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