We search for her street style looks on our favourite fashion websites and obsessively watch her stories. She’s the ultimate FAS woman: driven (an entrepreneur and multi-business owner), ultra-stylish, hilarious, creative and compassionate. And if you think we’re exaggerating, you only need to head to her Instagram page to see that this is true.


Wearing Valentine  


Wearing Alien   


A pioneer in the digital space, she launched one of the first fashion blogs, BagSnob, in 2005 and has been amassing a global audience of luxury-oriented readers ever since.

We sat down with Tina (who’s incidentally a big For Art’s Sake fan) so she could give us a little insight into her style, her life, and what she would do if she was invisible for a day.


3 words to describe your style...

Classic, effortless, sophisticated.


Most people don’t know that I...

Was a VJ on MTV ASIA!


If you were a city, you’d be…

LA: happy, bright and sunny daily.


Your most sentimental possession is…

My engagement ring.


If you were invisible for a day you would…


Walk into the Louvre and stand really really close to all the art, especially the Mona Lisa.


Biggest fashion faux pas...

 Wearing a full feathered look.



Wearing Passion Fruit


If loving this is wrong, you don’t want to be right:

 The Saint Laurent double Betty 6” platform.


Your biggest indulgence is…



Wearing Alien


Next year, you really want to…

Stress less, enjoy more downtime.


For Art’s Sake sunglasses make you feel...

Really put together – because the glasses complete each outfit. 


Wearing Galaxy X

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