How we're dressing in lockdown

How we're dressing in lockdown

Forrest Gump once said, “life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get” and we like to apply this line of thought to our lockdown looks. Never have we dressed more according to our mood – something you aren’t really able to do when you have to leave the house, get on public transport and interact with people at the office. 

Some days we want to wear jeans, a blazer and jewellery for our Zoom meetings, and some days, it’s pyjamas from the waist down, and we won’t apologise for it. 

Here are a few of our lockdown looks, inspired by some of your recent shares!





Weirdly, Monday is not our worst day (sorry Tuesday – that’s all yours). We get our lives in order and regain some structure after a weekend of walks to the fridge, various artistic projects and video calls with the world and his wife. It also means it’s time for the Monday morning Zoom catch up, a time for us to get out of our stretchy clothes and get our minds into gear. Kind of, because while we’re wearing our favourite shirt or jumper on the top half, we have been known to keep the lycra on the bottom, and there’s a special kind of freedom to be found in that. 



Our closest friend, our confidant, the person who keeps all our secrets. You’ve been good to us over this time, keeping us well supplied with a stream of snacks, picking us up on good days, telling us it’s ok on bad days. The least we can do is dress our best so that you know we’re not a complete mess. 




The supermarket is 2020’s answer to a theme park. Nothing feels more exciting than building a week’s worth of ingredients, and cruising the multi-coloured isles, dipping and diving out of our favourite sections like we’re hopped off a loop-the-loop and onto the tea cups. What a rush – but also one of our main trips out of the house. So you best believe we’re dressing up for the occasion. Ball gowns encouraged, extra points for heels. 




We never knew video fatigue would become a thing until it became a thing. There’s nothing more exhilarating (and exhausting) than piling 10 friends into a single video chat and trying to hold a singular conversation. We talk over each, we drink to much wine, we laugh, cry and inevitably try to plan our exit because if you’re anything like us, you’ve rammed your Saturday schedule with one too many catch-ups. 

It’s important to dress your best, and present the bright and shiny version of yourself that you would take to the pub or your favourite restaurant. You never know who might pop up (especially on houseparty), so it’s time to keep up appearances. 

Family and best friends are the exception. They know us as our true selves, so pyjamas, unwashed hair and unflattering angles all welcome. 



We never thought we'd say this but: we miss jeans with no stretch! We miss shoes with a heel! We miss slightly-too-short dresses for Saturday nights about town. Whether you're throwing a dinner party for you and your housemates and want to throw on a sparkly top, dressing for a sunny walk like you're hitting the beach in Greece, there is nothing wrong with a mood-boosting look that gets you feeling great. 

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