To launch our first unisex range and our latest collection, we produced 'In My Element' – a campaign that puts a tongue-in-cheek spin on the millennial experience. It can often feel like everything is going wrong, or that the grass is greener, or that we'll never have it as good as our parents generation, but we find a way to celebrate the smaller things, whether that's feeling amazing in your sunglasses, treating yourself to something special (and dealing with the consequences later) or eating an entire cake with a fork, just because you can. 


Getting back from your ex's funeral like...



When you've got nothing in common with your date, but at least you look amazing in your sunglasses



When you can't decide which hat to buy, so you get all of them



When everything's going wrong in the world, but at least you look good in your sunglasses



When your uber takes a wrong turn and you end up in Wonderland



When you're home alone with your best friend on a Friday night






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