Our latest collection is here and we couldn't be more excited to release to to the world. 



Elements is our first unisex, all-acetate range, designed to have you feeling your best while elevating your everyday looks. The collection consists of six incredible new styles, ranging in sizes and colourways so you've got a pair for every occasion: morning coffee runs, beach breaks, front row at Fashion Week and everywhere in between. 



Tell us about the name?

Because this collection strips it right back to basics, we initially took our inspiration from the elements – wood, water, fire, earth and metal. But as the designs progressed, the collection began to embody a feeling: the feeling of being 'in your element'. 

When you're in your element, you're at your most confident and self assured, and we wanted the sunglasses to invoke this on an every day level. Pop these onto your face and tell us you don't agree!



Tell us about the campaign concept?

Building on the idea of being in your element, we wanted to create some tongue in cheek scenarios that mirror the millennial experience: the feeling that so many things are going wrong, but it's the little things that get us through or make our day, for example, feeling amazing in your sunglasses. 

Nothing in common with your date? You and your dog are home alone on a Friday night? Eating an entire cake with a fork after a bad day? At least you look absolutely incredible in your sunglasses. 



What's different about the designs? 

While we've created a few acetate shades and opticals, this is our first exclusively acetate range, design for both him and her. 

We've sourced the world's finest Mazzucchelli Zyl acetate. It's not only plant-based but lightweight and ultra durable. We've also created lux faux leather packaging just for this capsule collection. While this collection is slightly cheaper in price, you can still expect the same premium materials used to make every pair of FAS shades. 



Is this your part of your main range?

No, the Elements collection has been released on top of our our biannual collections. 



Where will it be available? 

Right now, the collection is exclusively available at our Covent Garden store and will be launching on our website soon. If you'd like to pre-order, sign up to our mailer now! We will be launching the collection worldwide in September. 

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