OUR NEW COLLECTION IS HERE, and available to pre-order as of now. 

Made up of 13 sunglasses styles and 8 optical silhouettes, PARADISO captures the “Where to Next?” spirit of the FAS woman. She is adventurous: in everything from her style to her ambitions and her travel plans, so we created the eyewear to match.

PARADISO will take you on a journey – to a place where everything is as it should be: on a road trip with your best friends, back in time to your favourite decade, into outer space, or to a tropical utopia, where the sun warms your skin and the oceans laps gently at your legs. 



Xiwen Zhang had no doubt in her mind about what she needed to achieve: “When it comes to designing new collections, I’m constantly listening to and learning from the FAS customer as I want our woman to feel like the most confident, comfortable version of herself. Some of our collections have been slightly crazier, some more muted: PARADISO delights in a different way. These are the sunglasses and opticals you can’t wait to reach for when you wake up in the morning, whether you’re heading into the city for work or off to a city you’ve never explored before.”


All handcrafted from premium materials like 12-Karat Gold + Palladium-plated Stainless Steel, and featuring our signature jadestone nose pads. 

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