Describe your look in 3 words…
classy, timeless, editorial
What's the most exciting part of your job?
I love the process of the actual content creation and building the mood boards in my head before every shoot. 
Your go-to colour this season is…
All shades of beige and pearl.


How do you come up with the concepts for your shoots? 
You never know which shoot will result in the most breathtaking pictures; sometimes you can plan something for days and then on the actual shoot the game of momentum will bring you something completely different and something that you could never foresee. Like with the photo that I did for For Art's Sake, we just couldn't plan the splash of the wave, we couldn't plan to capture it, but sometimes luck and time team up with you to bring shots like this to life. 


Your favourite area in London? 
Bank/St Pauls area: it has so many hidden spots, and it's completely empty during the weekend, so I love shooting there and discover stunning new locations. 
A city you haven't visited yet but are dying to go to? 
It's hard to pick just one, so I'll share 3 of them: Florence, Venice and Mykonos. 


We love the feeling that your images evoke + the unique looks you put together. How did you get into this line of work? 
I love being able to express the emotion, the movement and the story through the photos I produce. Sometimes the location helps, but sometimes the look that I'm shooting is telling a bigger story. I just love the editorial approach when it comes to my content, and this is precisely what makes me feel happy. 
What is it that you love about FAS and you Ariel sunglasses in particular? 
I'm in a constant state of missing the sea (it's hard to live without it nearby when you grew up in close proximity to it), and this is why I love my For Art's Sake glasses – the pearls and mermaids take me to the sea every time I look at them. But it was hard to pick them because there were so many gorgeous options. What I love the most about FAS is the variety of styles and the high quality of the products. When I was looking at some of the styles (mine included), I was thinking 'I never knew it was possible to create sunglasses like this'. The attention to detail makes FAS sunglasses stand out. 

A woman whose style you look up to? 
Currently, it's 80-90s supermodel style, the days when Cindy, Claudia and Eva where the top influencers of the generation. If I had to pick from today's icons, I really like the Olsen Twins' style: it's high end, effortless and minimalist. 
One word to describe the women of our generation?

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