New Year, New Me

New Year, New Me

A new year comes with a fresh outlook, new goals, a chance to reset and most importantly, the opportunity to refresh your eyewear selection. We're taking a three-pronged approach to our collection for 2019, and we'll have the following styles on heavy rotation.

Mask sunglasses


Why: The trend that's about to explode (and we've been rocking it for years)

Set to be the biggest eyewear trend of 2019 (tiny sunglasses, who dis), mask shades are cropping up on all of our favourite celebrities – we've lost count of how many times J Lo has been spotted in our Alien shades. This year, we're kickstarting the season with our new collection AIR sunglasses are sleek, sporty and oh-so-stylish. We've already spotted Beyonce's stylist Zerina Ackers in a pair, and we've got a few other celebrities in the pipeline. 

Tinted lenses


Why: Because life's just better through rose-tinted specs!

For Art's Sake is known for its bold approach to eyewear and selection of brightly coloured tinted lenses. In fact Dark Eyes Amber are our bestsellers of all time! Tinted lenses tick all of the boxes, not only do they keep your eyes safe from the sun with 100% UV protection, you can wear them indoors and all-year-round, as they're light in hue. 



Why: Because they elevate any outfit from good to 'God, where did you get those?'

While our sunglasses are known for their playful touches and statement silhouettes, for the most part, our opticals are relatively simple and add the just the right amount of polish to your every day looks. We love an aviator silhouette with it's not to the 70s, and have plenty to play with!


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