Just launched: O Concept Store

Just launched: O Concept Store

We've recently launched in one of Kuwait's most stylish boutique stores – O. Sitting alongside other luxury brands such as Kenzo and Max Mara, our sunglasses were spotted looking oh-so-stylish. 

We chatted to their buyer and merchandiser Anu Thomas about the store and why they love FAS sunglasses.



1)    Can you tell us how Alyasra started? 

Alyasra Fashion is a regional fashion retail leader, with a world-class portfolio of over 60 high-end fashion, footwear and accessories brands. Today, our network encompasses over 270 stores, with operations in eight markets across the region.




2)    What is it that you like about For Art's Sake?

The FAS woman speaks directly to our target audience; eclectic, empowered, confident and ambitious.



3) Can you tell us about the design of the store and concept behind it? 

O is a multi- branded concept store that provides reachable yet voguish collections of premium accessories from international brands. The well-crafted designs captivate customers who adore fashion and like to stand out from the crowd. 



4) Always pair your For Art's Sake sunglasses with... 


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