Oh-so-lovely opticals

Oh-so-lovely opticals


We love clear-lensed frames as much as we love a pair of sunglasses and our latest collection contains some of our most striking yet. From cat-eye silhouettes with pearls at either end, to iridescent acetate and shell details, our optical designs certainly stand out from the crowd. Discover more about what makes them different below. 



Have you ever seen such beautifully detailed frames? Featuring pearls at either end, our Perla frames come in three matte metal finishes, adding an extra touch of elegance to an already lovely look. 




4 pairs of our new-season opticals are handcrafted from the highest quality titanium available. Titanium is one of the most durable materials but is also incredible lightweight. What does this mean for you? That your opticals will sit light-as-a-feather on your face ensuring all-day comfort. You're welcome. 




Eva Chen and Girl Boss founder Sophia Amoruso are big fans of our opticals frames. See which other celebrities and influencers love FAS right here




Did you know that you can order your optical frames with your prescriptions fitted both online and in store? You also get blue light protection included with your prescription. We could go all technical about what blue light is… BUT we'll keep this simple. Essentially, blue light is the visible light with the shortest wavelengths received from electronic devices – yes, that means the device you’re looking at right now too. However, eyes inadequately block this light out, resulting in a weakening of the retina, causing imbalances with melatonin secretion (ie: messing with your sleep cycle!). Scary right? Luckily, you're new frames will leave your eyes pretty and protected.




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