Our top influencers in FAS

Our top influencers in FAS

Some seriously stylish women have been rocking FAS shades recently, so we've decided to round up a few of our favourites for the blog. From Lolita's iconic shot at the beach to Hammasa's sultry beachside snaps, we've got some serious holiday envy going on right now! 


When she's not strolling the streets of London in an array of pastel hues, content creator and blogger Lolita is jetting around the world from one sun-saturated location to the next. Luckily, she decided to take FAS along for the ride. 
Wearing: Ariel Champagne




We're obsessed with this Armenian beauty and her beautifully curated Instagram. She took our French Kiss sunglasses on a little golden-hour trip around LA and magic ensued. 
Wearing: French Kiss Champagne



Maya recently popped by our store opening to choose some shades and we were blown away by her beauty and glossy (glossy) hair. Watch out for our Casino frames on her feed soon!
Wearing: Casino Black and Wonderland Champagne


Brand consultant and influencer Stephanie knows a thing or two about sleek style and she's super sweet to boot. Take a quick peek at her feed – awash with buttery shades and anything-but-boring tonal looks. 
Wearing: Passion Fruit Champagne and Quartz Champagne



With a smile that could light up the whole of London, Caroline is as charming as you would imagine her to be. Matching herself to the soft sandstone hues of this lovely London street. 
Wearing: Atomic Champagne
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