Our latest and biggest collection is finally available for pre-order, and we're so excited to share it with you. 



Inspired by the land, sea, sky and space, the range is awash with dreamy details. Think iridescent acetate that mimics a starry night sky; shells and pearls; a new gradient lens that reminds us of sunset in the tropics and a carnival of colourways. 

We sat down with our Creative Director to give you a behind-the-scenes look at the new designs. 

Inspo for the latest collection? 
(Playful, powerful and unlike anything you’ve seen before, our new collection frames reimagine the world as a bold dreamscape – think candy-toned colours, iridescent acetate and statement silhouettes inspired by the earth, sky, sea and space.) 
What sets this collection apart from the last collections?
Our biggest collection yet, improved quality. Introducing more acetate frames
A colourway you haven't tried before that appears in this collection: Our new half pink half navy lens combining with rose gold metal frame is beautiful 


A celebrity you'd love to see wearing FAS? 
Michelle Obama. She's the most inspiring blend of stylish and empowered. 
For dinner and drinks, you'd wear... 
Stormy, Sun City or Wonderland. They're glamorous and ensure you always stand out from the crowd. 
For a day out in London, you'd choose... 
Waterworld or Fruity. The styles are great for when you're on the go – they'll add instant stylish flair.

Sitting front row at Fashion Week...

Horizon Amber – mask sunglasses are the trend for 2019. J Lo already predicted this last year when she work Alien (in 4 different colours). 
One thing you're really looking forward to this year? 
Expanding FAS – we've opened our stores and looking ahead to more exciting projects. Collaborations, more shops, and of course collections coming soon!


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