Summer in the City

Summer in the City

From rooftops to ice cream shops: we went on a tour of our top Soho hangouts with two of our favourite FAS girls. Discover our latest editorial now + shop your favourite styles. 

The Ham Yard Hotel

As if the bowling alley, private cinema and bustling bar weren't enough, this leafy rooftop terrace (complete with vegetable garden) sits on the fourth flour of a SoHo favourite – The Ham Yard Hotel. It's easy to forget you're in the middle of London when you're kicking back with a glass of wine or coffee up here!


Where to start with this SoHo gem. Bright, beautifully designed and airy, Sophie's is so much more than a steakhouse. When we were done dancing on the bar, we were invited down to see Jack Solomons – the decadent underground bar that you access through an unassuming door in the adjoining chicken shop. Fun fact: This neon-lit speakeasy was once the office of legendary boxing promoter, Jack Solomons who brought Mohammed Ali to London.

Pimp My Ice

To cool off after a long day of exploring, we stopped off at our favourite dessert shop!
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