The Bestseller Breakdown

The Bestseller Breakdown

Why do our top sellers do so well? Is it in the tinted lenses, the exaggerated silhouettes, unique design details or all of the above? Is it the way they suit multiple face shapes, or the way they make someone feel? We're not here to tell you how our sunglasses should make you feel, because that's the beauty of fashion, but we can tell you how we've considered every last detail in order to enhance the shape of your face and help you feel your best.




Loved by celebrities and favourites at fashion week, our Icy sunglasses bring together the season's boldest shades to create the ultimate wearable statement. Not only do they come in purple and pink, but also in variations of black, grey and blue.
Winning design details:
Geometric silhouette
Two-tone effect
Tinted lenses

Why they work: Statement sunglasses with everyday appeal are hard to come by and the colour combination adds a playful touch.
The Magic Touch: This pair acts as a natural face sculptor, adding subtle definition with its geometric panels, and of course, an extra touch of blush!




Framing the eyes within the most beautiful almond-shaped lenses, our Dark Eyes have been selling out consistently since we launched them. Blending retro and futuristic design elements, these shades will have you feeling your boldest as you stroll down the street. Whether a festival statement or the sunglasses you pair with your powersuit, these are guaranteed a 'where did you get those?' from passers-by.
Winning design details:
Intricate metalwork + swooping side arms
Dramatic teardrop shape
Tinted lenses

Why they work: They're unique and unlike anything else on the market + they add instant cool to any look; just ask Taiwanese pop singer Jolin Tsai.
The Magic Touch: The teardrop shape of these sunglasses is slimming, and while they're wide, the cut-out panels stop them from feeling too oversized.





Perfect for post-spa dashes home, champagne hangovers and blocking out the haters, our Tahiti sunglasses are the ultimate throw-on-and-go oversized shades. You'll never have to worry about someone catching sight of an under-eye bag again!
Winning design details:
Cat-eye silhouette
Extra-thin frames
Matte metal
Why they work: Our Tahiti sunglasses may be some of our most dramatic in size, but they suit so many different face shapes.
The Magic Touch: Thanks to their shape, our Tahiti sunglasses add a fierce arch above the eyes adding a feline touch to the face.





Adding just the right amount of edge to any look, our Mykonos shades have become a staple of holiday snaps, whether poolside in Greece or heading up the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
Winning design details:
Mirrored, flat lenses
Overlapping geometric bar
Round frames

Why they work: A favourite with fashion girls, our Mykonos shades have become both streetwear essentials + holiday must-haves.
The Magic Touch: The round frames are not only slimming, they put a youthful spin on just about any shape thanks to the metal frames.
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