The Reason for Sustainability

The Reason for Sustainability

We’re sustainable. We have to be.


For Art’s Sake believes that the careless damage done to the Earth by humans is unwarranted, and although we want to share our beautiful designs and products with the world, we also don’t want to damage the planet even further in the process.


‘Sustainability’ seems to be a fashionable buzz-word these days. Many brands use it as a ‘green marketing’ tactic, appealing to the trend-setting youth (who are the ones advocating most for environmentalism in the digital era, especially on social media). Sometimes, because being ‘green’ seems to be the new fad these days, discussions surrounding eco-friendly practices can become watered down and meaningless. So, let’s get back to the basics and revisit what being sustainable really means.


Sustainability means we try to reduce our waste as much as possible and give back to the earth as much as we take from it when we make and sell our sunglasses. To this end, we partner with two fantastic charities, Restoring Vision and Trees for the Future. We call it our FAS Loving Project.


Restoring Vision donates a pair of prescription glasses for someone who needs them with each For Art’s Sake purchase you make. There are over 544 million people in the developing world who need glasses but do not have access to them. This is a huge health problem with a simple, fast and effective solution. Besides providing an increased quality of life, your donation will have an enormous economic benefit as people can return to work.


We also plant a tree with Trees For The Future with each pair of sunglasses sold. Not just any tree - the trees we plant produce sustainable food and generate income for communities in Asia, Africa and Latin America… all while reducing CO2 levels.




We believe that we have the responsibility to leave the earth a better place than we found it. At For Art’s Sake, we aim to do this in two ways: bring more artistic content into the world (whether through our product design, blog posts, creative projects or Instagram images), and support communities in need via the organisations we work with.


So what’s the reason for sustainability? It’s simple. Climate change is not a thing of the future. It’s happening now. A green model for businesses and economy is the inevitable future as the Earth becomes more and more damaged. At For Art’s Sake, we don’t follow trends. We just see where the need is, we pull up our socks, and we get to work to fulfil it. The majority of corporations may go on pretending like the Earth isn’t withering away, but we recognise that if things continue the way they are, the Green Economy will be a necessity. We’d rather get on that boat now. Wouldn’t you?


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