The Self Isolation Survival Guide

The Self Isolation Survival Guide

We’re not sure about you, but the days are starting to blend into one. Sure, there’s a difference between the weeks and weekends in terms of our to-do list, but the lack of change in scenery has left us all going a little stir crazy. 
In the absence of all the activities we usually look forward to this time of year – park trips, gallery tours, revamping our wardrobe for the summer months and so on – we have to look forward to the little things. Some major moments in my life this week include: getting a mirror delivered from Ikea, organising my winter-summer wardrobe, spotting some blossoms on the tree outside my window, making a delicious dinner for my housemates and (I’m not too proud of this one) downloading The Sims. 
From throw cushions to plants, we’ve been adding a lot of items to our basket recently. 
When there’s no end in sight to our current lockdown lifestyle, you need to have something to look forward to – like a little blue package that arrives at your door containing the most beautiful glasses in all the land (we said it – you were thinking it). 
For right now, you can order opticals with blue-light filters (whether you need a prescription or not). A blue light filter protects your eyes from the harmful rays emitted by all screens, yes your phone, but also TVs and laptops. These rays not only degrade your eyesight but age the skin around the eyes – something we are absolutely NOT on board with. 
For the future, whatever that may hold? We’d suggest a pair of sunnies from our new Paradiso collection.   
You know that shelf in your room? The one with all the sunglasses? The one that annoys you because it’s not quite neat enough and nothing seems to stick in the right place?
Well we might just have the solution to some of your storage sagas. Our newly-launched CARRY ALL glasses case can hold up to 4 pairs of sunglasses and opticals, and folds up nicely into its own little block. One day, when we’re able to travel again, it’ll also double as a handy suitcase-packing essential, so that’s something to look forward to, too. 
Marie Kondo – eat your heart out!

Not only are plants lovely to look at, they clean the air in your space and lend a soothing atmosphere in times of high stress. If you haven’t got plants, perhaps now is the time to order online, from companies like Patch, and if you’re already building an indoor jungle, now’s your chance to make sure that each plant is at its happiest and healthiest. Does it need a new spot? Less water? More water? Light? New soil? If you need some guidance, we like to look to House Plant Journal for hot tips. 
While you’re giving your skin a break from make-up, it’s time to check back in with what you need to become the most glowed up version of yourself. Cleanse, moisturise, exfoliate, mask, massage. Luckily, time doesn’t seem to be an issue right now so no one is going to judge you for that extra hour in the bathroom – except maybe your housemate who had the exact same idea. They can wait. 
You might be into yoga, to running, painting or reading. To avoid lockdown lethargy, write a list of all the things that make you happy, and schedule them for the upcoming weeks. You don’t need to do everything all at once and risk burning out, but it’s good to keep up some extra curricular activities so that you have something to look forward to or set your mind to outside of work. 

Your brain needs all the stimulation it can get at this point in time, so it’s important to make sure you’re eating right for maximum productivity and mental capacity. We mentioned before that about 70% of your seratonin receptors are in your gut which means healthy food actually stimulates happiness. Think about how you feel after a pizza or Macdonald’s meal vs after a salad or something super fresh?
We’re not saying don’t eat the pizza (as we will definitely be eating the pizza), but what we are saying is it's time to balance out the treats!
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