Trending: Pearl Sunglasses

Trending: Pearl Sunglasses

According to records from around the world, pearls have held mysterious allure for thousands of years. The ancient poem Mahavamsa detailed the thriving pearl industry in Sri Lanka around 23-79AD; divers have been retrieving pearls for centuries in the Persian Gulf and Red Sea (with some prehistoric diving evidence found) and the during the Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD), the Chinese hunted for pearls in the South China Sea.

Coco Chanel took the popularity of pearls to new heights in the 20th Century, and we've carved a niche for ourselves by producing some of the most unique pearl-encrusted sunglasses on the market. Get the know them below, and decide which pair you'd wear. (And hurry, because these are some of our top sellers!)




Did you know, our Goddess sunglasses were inspired by Boticcelli's painting, The Birth of Venus? Round reflective lenses are encrusted with gold clam shells that open to reveal a miniature pearl. Just as the goddess Venus was said to have been born in a clamshell, these innovative frames will awaken the goddess inside of you, so that you can go through your day feeling like a queen.




 Inspired by a sentimental pearl ring owned by our co-founder Xiwen our Passionfruit sunglasses feature a tear-shaped cluster of pearls at either end of the frames and are guaranteed to add a delightfully bold touch to just about any look. 




  Margarita for one, please! Inspired by facial jewellery worn at Indian weddings, our Margarita sunglasses mix things up with their pearl-encrusted nose-bridge. These caught the eye of blogger Aimee Song who was seen wearing this pair in Amber throughout the summer of 2018!




Like our Margaritas, our Vermeers were also inspired by facial jewellery and feature a unique, three-tiered, pearl-encrusted nose bar. Carry these pearls of wisdom with you wherever you go, and enjoy having people ask you where you bought your sunglasses because this is going to happen a lot. 


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