What's so special about FAS?

What's so special about FAS?

I mean, there are loads of sunglasses brands out there--so what's so different about FAS?


For this blog post, we're introducing some of the unique elements of our sunglasses that make us distinguishable from other brands. This is a great way to learn more about our products, but also will help with knowing which sunglasses are real FAS, and which are counterfeits. Don't be fooled! Read on to see what's so unique about genuine FOR ART'S SAKE sunglasses, and keep an eye out for our FAS KEY, which is our new initiative that will be rolling out soon to protect you from counterfeit products.


Our sunglasses have an oversized fit

Most of our sunglasses are oversized. The standard lens size in the industry is around 50mm, whereas the average lens size for FOR ART'S SAKE is 60mm. Our oversized sunglasses make bolder, more dramatic statements, especially when paired with our avant-garde, geometric designs and vibrant colours. And you'd also be surprised--an over-sized fit is usually a lot more universally flattering than people think, as long as you know how to adjust the nose pads correctly (but more on that later).


Our lenses are flat

Flat lenses make for more fashionable sunglasses--it's simple as that. The average industry base curve (the technical term for how curved the lenses are) is about 6, though it depends on the brand. However, the base curve on our sunglasses is 1 or 2!! This is comparatively very low, and makes the sunglasses look a lot more chic. 


We use adjustable jade gemstone nose pads on most of our designs

When we make our sunglasses, we keep two essential things in mind: quality and convenience. We want the quality of our designs and the materials we use to be exceptional, and we try to make our sunglasses as convenient to wear as possible. This means that they are light-weight and adjustable so that they can sit on your face comfortably. The jade gemstone material we use for most of our nose pads is not only a lovely added luxury, but they are comfortable and are adjustable, so that your sunglasses don't slide off your face. When wearing sunglasses, you must always adjust the nose pads to ensure that the sunglasses suit your face! Sometimes you may think that a style doesn't suit you, but you just need to adjust the nose pads a bit. If you have any questions about fit, don't be afraid to get in touch with us at gallery@fasforartssake.com, or DM us on Instagram at @forartssake.


All our products are handmade from premium materials

And here's the real luxury: all our sunglasses and optical glasses are handmade with utmost love, care and attention to detail. The acetate (a high quality, versatile type of plastic) we use to make our frames is of the finest quality, and is hand polished over and over and over and over again, resulting in the smoothest premium frames out there. The metal we use is robust stainless steel, and our lenses are made of nylon, which are some of the best quality lenses you can get. The miniature faux pearls we use for our VERMEER and MARGARITA sunglasses are attached by hand, one by one. We commit to delivering the best sunglasses out there to your door, and we put in a lot of hands-on effort to make that a possibility.


These are just a few characteristics that make the FOR ART'S SAKE sunglasses you know and love. If you're still worried about counterfeits, however, we will be announcing our FAS Key initiative too, so keep an eye out by following us on Instagram and signing up to our newsletter!



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