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Class of FAS

The AW18 collection is For Art's Sake's fifth collection. In For Art's Sake's continued effort to push the boundaries of what eyewear can look like, the collection focusses on brand new colour-ways for translucent lenses, and design-led stainless steel frames with creative silhouettes. For this collection, the devil (or more accurately, the goddess) is in the details.

The campaign takes the idea of highschool cliques and cliches. It introduces eight personalities of the Class Of FAS: The creator, rule-breaker, procrastinator, odd ball, gives no f*cks, activist, sneezer and good girl gone bad.

The devil is in the details

This collection sees a greater focus on experimenting with new shapes and styles. Hover to read about the innovative design details that take off this collection outside of the realm of the ordinary, that makes this our best one yet.

Girlboss Black
Artist Peach
Robot Cherry
PassionFruit Blush
Icy Black
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