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If you've bought a pair of sunglasses from For Art's Sake, you will have noticed that we include a little sheet of paper that says 'Thank you for planting a tree' and 'Thank you for giving the gift of vision to a person in need.' You might be wondering - 'What's that all about?'
At For Art's Sake, we believe that having a sustainable approach towards fashion (and life in general) is non-negotiable. We try to give back to the world as much as we can, and to this extent, we donate to two fantastic causes for each pair of sunglasses you buy.
We work with Restoring Vision to donate a pair of prescription glasses for someone who needs them with each purchase you make. There are over 544 million people in the developing world who need glasses but do not have access to them. This is a huge health problem with a simple, fast and effective solution. Besides providing an increased quality of life, your donation will have an enormous economic benefit as people can return to work.
We also plant a tree with Trees For The Future with each pair of sunglasses sold. Not just any tree - the trees we plant produce sustainable food and generate income for communities in Asia, Africa and Latin America… all while reducing CO2 levels. We believe that we have the responsibility to leave the earth a better place than we found it.
So THANK YOU for joining the revolution by being a part of For Art's Sake. We're happy to know that we're in this together.

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