If you've bought a pair of sunglasses from For Art's Sake, you will have noticed that we include a little sheet of paper that says 'Thank you for planting a tree' and 'Thank you for giving the gift of vision to a person in need.'
At For Art's Sake, we believe that having a sustainable approach towards fashion (and life in general) is non-negotiable. We try to give back to the world as much as we can, and to this extent, we donate to two fantastic causes for each pair of glasses you buy.


Restoring Vision is a global non-profit health organisation that's given the gift of sight to over 10 million people since 2003.

Did you know?

Vision impairment is one of the leading global health issues today, and there are around 544 million people in developing countries living with limited or no access to reading glasses.

How you're helping

How you're helping We work closely with Restoring Vision to donate a pair of prescription glasses to someone in need with every purchase you make! This has an immediate knock-on effect on health, access to education, productivity and overall quality of life for people around the world.


Trees for the Future is an NGO dedicated to planting trees together with rural communities in the developing world, enabling them to restore their environment, grow more food, and build a sustainable future. Since 1989, Trees for the Future has planted over 115 million trees in dozens of countries.

Did you know?

Planting trees provides families with more than just food. It provides income, empowerment, unity, leadership, education and even saves lives. When we can teach people to value themselves and their environment, they see amazing improvements in their standard of living.

How you're helping?

We plant a tree with Trees For The Future with each pair of sunglasses sold. Not just any tree – the trees we plant produce sustainable food and generate income for communities in Asia, Africa and Latin America, while also reducing CO2 levels. We believe that we have a responsibility to leave the earth in a better way than we found it.

So THANK YOU for joining the revolution by being a part of For Art's Sake. We're happy to know that we're in this together.