FUTURE // FOREVER celebrates the modern woman – her serious moments, her playful ones and every other mood in between. For our campaign shoot – we themed these to the days of the week. Explore them below.


Make-them-wait Mondays

You just need some peace and quiet so you can be alone with your 27 000 unread emails. Or maybe you need a nap, or a biscuit… or all of the above.


Achieve-it-all Tuesdays


You’re drinking celery juice, you’re answering emails, you’ve literally never been this productive. What CAN’T you achieve today? That’s the real question.

Working-on-myself Wednesdays


Between the dates and the dinners, the 7am desk sessions and the weekends that don’t stop, you’ve forgotten to indulge in a little self love recently. No time like the present.


Thriving Thursdays

You have made it to the end of the week and you’re feeling empowered. What day is it again? Who cares – it’s time to put on some records and dance because you deserve it. 

Feeling-myself Fridays

Who’s that exceptionally good-looking person in the mirror? Oh right, it’s you. You don’t always feel good about yourself, but tonight you’re feeling great, and that’s something to celebrate.

Self-care Saturdays



Are you eating meringues and washing your hair? Yes. Are you considering lifting a weight or two? Also yes. Haven’t you heard? Life’s about balance.

Let-me-lounge Sundays 

Welcome to Bougie Beach: population one – you. You’re lounging, you’re luxuriating, you’re living.

All-day everyday

A vision, a goddess, a woman in control of her own future. You are you and that is something to celebrate every day of the week.
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