Meet our Creative Director

Meet our Creative Director

Featured on Forbes' 30 Under 30 List for 2019 and at just 26 years old, our Creative Director is a force to be reckoned with. We caught up with the designer and co-founder of For Art's Sake to get her thoughts on the nomination and to give you a peek inside her world. 

We're so excited about this – congratulations! Why does being placed on the Forbes 30 under 30 List mean so much to you?
Thank you! Being recognised by Forbes for the work we're doing at For Art's Sake is a massive honour and seal of approval. I'm so proud of our team!
Two words to describe the women of your generation? 

Independent. Fearless. 

My favourite place in the world is…


West London, FAS started here, Yannis and I met here, we’ll be buying our first house here. It holds so many important ‘firsts’ for us.

My favourite accessories…


other than a pair of amazing sunglasses would be statement earrings and rings. I don’t go a day without them.


My most sentimental possession is…

A Rolex watch my mum originally bought as a gift to my grandmother, but my grandmother wanted to give it to me as my wedding present (although I’m not married yet). I appreciate anything well-made that can last a lifetime.


The quality I admire the most in others is…

The ability to find a creative solution and get things done.


My favourite place in London is... The Royal Academy. I studied Art History and used to visit every weekend. It inspired a lot of my designs and of course, the name of the brand.


Most questionable personal style moment…

When I was younger, I loved wearing clothes that didn’t match. Everything was over-the-top and colourful – I could only describe it as a drunk pride outfit.

My personal style couldn’t be more different now, but I’ve definitely kept the same level of creativity. My personal style is… ½ cool ½ feminine – comfortable and bold, but still simple.


The city I’d visit again and again is…

Yannis’s hometown in Greece. We visited an optician there and that’s where the FAS idea started since I couldn’t find the sunglasses I was looking for. It’s called Katerini and it’s next to Mount Olympus and near the coast. The mountains are beautiful and we just take a moment to breathe.


My favourite smell is…

Coffee, first thing in the morning.


My go-to pair of FAS sunglasses is…

That’s like asking me to pick my favourite child! (disclaimer: I don’t have kids). To be honest, I am in a different pair every week. But Goddess is a style I love because it’s a design that’s so unique to us, you won’t find it at any other brands.


My fondest memory of childhood is…

When I was younger, my mum would bring me to her business meetings with clients – she was a single mom and had no choice but to take me with her. I remember thinking that I wanted to be like her when I grew up. She was and is very driven; she just always got things done. A quality that still inspires me now.

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